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Air India Airlines

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Popular Air India International Flights

Air India Airlines Flight Booking

As India's national airline, Air India flies to cities all around the country and around the world. The carrier provides service to major as well as secondary cities in India. Various people fly with the airline because of the various perks it provides, including low fares, excellent service, the ability to book flights online or via mobile device, web check-in, and round-the-clock customer service. 

The airline’s first planes were postwar models, but the company has since modernised to Boeing and Airbus, both of which are considered to be among the best in the business. Tata Airlines was established by J.R.D Tata, an industrial magnate of Tata Sons, and previously operated as Tata Air Services. When it launched its inaugural all-jet service in 1962, the airline made history. To meet customer demand for affordable flights between Indian cities and those in the regions of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, they established a low-cost subsidiary.

With Air India flight bookings, you can also join the frequent flyer program for the airlines known as Flying Returns and get the benefit from a variety of rewards.

Air India Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

The carrier has one of the world's youngest fleets. The airline consistently improves its systems and services to keep operations smooth and customer satisfaction high. Their fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes is expanding, and they already fly to 102 different cities across the globe. It operates 59 Nonstop International Routes with a fleet consisting of A319, A320, A320neo, A321, A321neo, B787-8, B777-200LR, and B777-300ER aircraft. 

To achieve their goal of having zero net carbon emissions by the year 2050, they have joined the Fly Net Zero programme of the International Air Transport Association.

Air India Airlines Awards

The carrier is one of the most prominent airlines in India and Asia. They have been recognised for their popularity as modestly priced airlines with great service.

  • 2021 World Travel Awards - Asia's Leading Airline - First Class
  • 2012 World Travel Awards - India's Leading Airline 
  • 2011 World Travel Awards - Asia's Leading Airline - Economy Class
  • 2011 World Travel Awards - India's Leading Airline  
  • 2010 World Travel Awards - Asia's Leading Airline - Economy Class

Air India Airlines Class of Travel

When you book a flight with the airline, you can choose between three different cabin classes with Air India flight booking to suit your needs and budget.

  • Economy class
  • First class
  • Executive class

Economy class

The airline’s economy class excels in food, comfort, and entertainment when flying in Economy. Passengers can also upgrade their Air India ticket booking to Premium Economy for an additional fee.

  • Free drinks and meals.   
  • International flights offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for continental and Indian meals.
  • Wine and spirits are provided at no cost on international flights.
  • Conveniently located screen for watching films.
  • Comfortable seating on the plane.  
  • Good lighting. 
  • Temperature-controlling systems.

First class

Fly in style in the airline's first-class cabin, which is among the best in the industry. If you want to know what luxury is, all you have to do is take a step into the airline’s first class.

  • A comfy sleeperette can be leaned back 180 degrees. 
  • Two seat side by side 
  • There are only 12 people on a trip.
  • A range of entrees to select from 
  • A glass of silky champagne or a drink of vintage wine.  
  • Sky Bazaar to help you shop duty-free on board.

Executive class

The Executive class offered by Air India flight booking is an excellent option for passengers flying for either business or pleasure.

  • Spacious interiors and comfortable seating 
  • Every 747 passenger gets an aisle or window seat. 
  • Tempting courses are served with a glass of wine each. 
  • Exclusive check-in 
  • Lounge service

Air India Airlines Baggage Allowance

Allowances for Carry-On Luggage differ as per the cabin class of the Air India ticket price. On domestic flights, first-class baggage can weigh up to 40 kg or 88 pounds. A business class passenger can carry 35 kg or 79 pounds. 

Economy class is allowed a maximum of 25 kg or 55 pounds. For infants across all cabin levels, the limit is 10 kg or 22 pounds. An extra 20 kilogrammes (44 pounds) of checked luggage is allowed for Star Alliance Gold members with Air India flight booking in economy class.

When a passenger is flying in the domestic sector of the airline and then connecting to the international sector of Air India or the other way around, using the same Air India ticket booking, they are entitled to the free baggage limit of the international sector. For international flights, passengers can check the official website for the baggage limit of their route.

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Air India Airlines Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

The airline offers a variety of amenities as part of its domestic on-ground services to make travel simple and enjoyable.  Online check-in allows passengers to select their seats, print their boarding passes and check-in for their flights from the comfort of their own homes or places of business. It is recommended that passengers arrive at the airport well in advance of the check-in counters' closing time if they're carrying baggage that needs to be deposited.

There are self-service check-in kiosks accessible at various airports, which allow passengers to check themselves in and print their boarding cards. Currently, only domestic flights can use this facility. 

Passengers who just have carry-on luggage and have confirmed reservations can use the city check-in services at City Booking Offices, which are located in a number of major metropolitan areas.

Check-in Air India Domestic Flights

Online check-in for domestic passengers is available between 48 and 1.5 hours before their flight's planned departure time.

Check-in Air India International Flights

Online check-in is available for international passengers from 48 hours to 2 hours before their flight is scheduled to depart. Passengers travelling internationally are required to check in at the airport's authorised Baggage Drop counter in order to verify their documents and register any bags they are transporting through the airport.

Air India Airlines In-flight Services

Passengers may order gourmet meals made especially for international flights in advance with Air India booking. On board domestic flights, they can place orders for a large selection of different foods and beverages. 

On an Air India flight, it is possible to request special consideration for religious observances, dietary limitations or health issues. Depending on the length of your journey, travellers will have access to all of the available meals on board, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as breakfast, high tea, lunch, dinner, and supper. 

The carrier has the best entertainment to make the flight relaxing, from multilingual blockbusters to your favourite TV episodes. Enjoy Hollywood oldies, Bollywood masala films, and more with a click. Currently, Airbus planes do not offer inflight entertainment.

Air India Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme: Flying Returns

The Flying Returns programme is designed to assist passengers in maximising the value they receive from their trips by providing extraordinary incentives and unrivalled advantages with Air India flight booking. 

When you fly on an Air India flight or any of the other 25 Star Alliance members, you will automatically begin collecting points for each trip you take. You can book a flight or upgrade it with your Flying Returns points. You can accumulate bonus or tier points, receive an increased baggage allowance, priority check-in or boarding, and a great deal more.

Air India Airlines On-board Support

Passengers flying with the airline who have particular requests can ask for assistance with Air India booking when they need it. At the airport, the staff on-site provides wheelchairs and helps passengers with the check-in process. The best possible level of service is available for the passengers to choose from. Expectant mothers, parents and guardians of unaccompanied minors should check the official airline website for the latest rules and procedures before booking their flights.

About Air India Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Passengers have the option of cancelling their reservation by contacting the carrier’s sales offices or via the company's website. A cancellation fee will be assessed for any and all cancellations.

Please refer to the Airline cancellation policy here.

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Air India FAQ

  1. What is the Air India Airlines online check-in period?

    Web check-in is available for international flights starting forty-eight hours prior to departure and continuing up until two hours before takeoff. Web check-in is available for domestic flights starting 48 hours before departure and closing one hour before takeoff.

  2. What is the maximum amount of free luggage on Air India Airlines?

    The maximum weight for checked bags is 40 kg in First Class, 30 kg in Executive Class, 20 kg in Economy Class, and 8 kg in Hand Luggage. Extra baggage can be brought with Air India online booking

  3. Does Air India Airlines need a child to have a separate seat?

    Children under two years of age (24 months) are permitted to sit on an accompanying adult's lap rather than occupying a seat of their own. Each adult is only permitted to have a single child sit on their lap. When an adult is travelling with multiple kids under the age of two, a seat for the additional children must be purchased during Air India flight booking. As long as the passengers have a suitable child restraint device, they can also opt to buy a seat for their infants.

  4. Is using the Air India Airlines website to check in required?

    Online check-in is required of all passengers who have bookings on the airline and is not optional.

  5. What number of foreign locations does Air India Airlines serve?

    The airline flies to 79 international destinations

  6. What options does the Airline have for in-flight entertainment?

    Passengers flying on an Air India flight have access to a library filled with a variety of entertainment content, including films, television shows, music, and more.

  7. Are pets permitted in the cabin on Air India Airlines?

    Depending on the pet's weight and carrier, the airline would take small domestic pets including dogs, cats, and birds in the cabin or the cargo held on domestic flights as long as they are accompanied by the necessary medical and rabies vaccination documents.

  8. Is alcohol served on board the Airlines?

    Every main meal option, with the exception of breakfast, is served alcoholic beverages on foreign flights.

  9. What is the airline code of Air India?

    IATA: AI, ICAO: AIC, Callsign: AIR INDIA

  10. What is Air India Airlines' policy on transporting alcohol?

    On board the airline, passengers are only allowed to bring along a maximum of 5 litres of alcoholic beverages.