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Flydubai Airlines

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Popular Flydubai International Flights

Flydubai Airlines Flight Booking

Flydubai Airlines was launched in 2008 and currently serves over 120 destinations throughout Africa, Europe, Central Asia, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The government of Dubai founded Fly Dubai Airlines, which is based out of Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport. Over the years, the carrier has carried more than 70 million passengers, establishing itself as the second-biggest carrier based at Dubai International Airport.

Flydubai is an extremely affordable airline that provides convenience as well as modern amenities. It offers first-rate support both on the ground and in the air. The network of airlines has been gradually growing in order to accommodate the rising demand for comfortable and convenient flights that link through Dubai. Most significantly, the cost of travel is reasonable for the airline. Low rates, entertainment, cuisine, and seats are just a few of the many outstanding features of its flight services. By offering top-notch customer care, it is a favourite of many travellers.

With Flydubai bookings, you can also join the frequent flyer program for the airlines known as Emirates Skywards and get the benefit from a variety of rewards.

Flydubai Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

Due to their environmentally friendly, dependable, and efficient designs, the approach to using modern aircraft has helped the airline extend its network. They still make up the majority of the company's fleet today. Among the most recently introduced aircraft flying are the Boeing 737 MAX and Boeing 737-800, which are both operated by Flydubai. The airline departs from Dubai and flies to 120 locations in 52 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Flydubai Airlines Awards

The airline serves as one of the most prominent low-cost airlines in the region of the Middle East, offering some of the highest-quality services that have been awarded.

  • Best Low-Cost Airline Serving the Middle East 2022 by Business Traveller Middle East Awards
  • Best Low-Cost Airline 2021 by the Business Traveller Middle East Awards
  • Best Low-Cost Airline 2019 by the Business Traveller Middle East Awards
  • Air Cargo Operator of the Year 2019 by Logistics Middle East Awards

Flydubai Airlines Class of Travel

Flydubai booking offers travellers two options based on what facilities they require for their trip and their budget.

  • Economy class
  • Business class

Economy Class

You can anticipate a reasonably priced and comfortable flight when you travel on Flydubai flights in economy class. You can unwind during the journey thanks to the cabin's roomy and bright design.

  • Cosy seating
  • Good legroom, 
  • Personal Touchscreen
  • Entertainment on board
  • Snacks and drinks
  • WiFi on board

Business Class

Flying with Flydubai booking offers a first-rate travelling experience from the moment you enter the airport until the moment you disembark at your destination when you fly in business class. The Business Class experience on the airline is an exceptionally efficient and relaxing way to fly.

  • Comfy seats that are extra spacious
  • Wider legroom
  • Flat-bed reclining chairs
  • Entertainment on board
  • Onboard WiFi bundles
  • Touchscreens for individual usage
  • Tasty meals and snacks
  • Complimentary hot and cold refreshments
  • Business Class check-in counters with priority
  • Admission to the business lounge

Flydubai Airlines Baggage Allowance

The number of free baggage checked in limit for all FlyDubai Airlines routes is determined by the dimensions and weight of the luggage, as well as the cabin class. Travellers may check no more than three bags in economy class as long as the total weight does not go above the permitted maximum. A single bag must be larger than 75 cm by 55 cm by 35 cm. 

Passengers are permitted to check up to three pieces of luggage in business class, with a combined weight of no more than 40 kilograms. Each bag needs to be under 32 kg in weight and less than 75 cm by 55 cm by 35 cm. For all Flydubai flights, passengers can choose to check 20 kg of luggage for free in economy class. Depending on available space, they can also purchase 30 kg and 40 kg. 

Buying additional luggage allowance can be done at the airport, over the phone, through the airline's call centre, or through Flydubai online booking using the 'Manage my booking' area of the website.

Flydubai Airlines Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

Online check-in is available through Flydubai bookings 48 hours to 75 minutes before departure. Along with your last name, provide the PNR, or booking reference number, for the city from which you are flying. 

Click the 'Check-In Online' option once you have completed these steps. Both the mobile app and the official website offer access to the Flydubai PNR status facility. Due to modifications in passenger procedures, clients who check in online must still go to the airport check-in desk so that the airline can verify their identification and present them with a boarding card.

Flydubai Airlines In-flight Services

From the time visitors board their plane, Flydubai Airlines is dedicated to making sure they enjoy the experience. Innovative seat designs enhance space for maximum comfort, and onboard entertainment systems offer countless hours of films, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment to keep passengers entertained. On board the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, passengers can make use of free in-flight entertainment streaming platforms from the convenience of their own laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 

On the 737 MAX aircraft, each economy seat has its own touchscreen, giving the travellers a remarkable in-flight entertainment experience with a variety of charge packages to select from. During the trip, travellers can choose from a variety of delectable snacks and beverages from the onboard menu. There is also onboard WiFi available.

Flydubai Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme: Emirates Skywards

Flyers can accrue Skyward Miles when booking flights with either Emirates or Flydubai through the frequent flyer programme run by the airline called Emirates Skywards. Passengers are eligible to earn Tier Miles and Skywards Miles on every flight run by Flydubai Airlines. Their tier status, the route, and their category of travel all have small but significant effects on the amount of Miles they get. 

Skywards Miles can be used in a variety of ways. besides applying them to travel on Flydubai and Emirates, travellers can utilise their Skywards Miles on affiliates across the world, which includes other airlines, lodging options, car rental agencies, and more.

Flydubai Airlines Onboard Support

If a traveller needs special help, Flydubai ticket booking offers a range of passenger services in order to ensure comfort and reduce anxiety during flights. The airline provides services for pregnant women and wheelchairs. They also provide a safety harness or restriction system for infants, children, and adults who need help buckling securely into a seat. On their website, the carrier provides more details regarding onboard assistance.

About Flydubai Airlines Refund & Cancellation

If you buy your flight in advance and immediately cancel your flights within 24 hours, based on your Flydubai ticket booking and the kind of flight you are flying, you may be eligible for a full refund and be exempt from cancellation costs. 

The cost of rebooking and cancelling is calculated per person and sector. Any fare difference as well as a rebooking or cancellation fee must be paid in the event of a complete or part rebooking or cancellation. 

The trip cannot be partially cancelled before it leaves. The airline will have to cancel the entire reservation if a passenger still wants to change some of the flight sectors after beginning their trip. Flydubai vouchers will be issued as cancellation refunds. Only relevant taxes on non-refundable airfare will be reimbursed. Optional extras (dinner, baggage, and seat) can only be cancelled 24 hours before departure. In the event of a flight disruption caused by the airline, travellers may reserve a trip between ten days of the prior flight at no cost.

Please refer to the airlines cancellation policy here.

Cleartrip: Runway for Flydubai Airlines Flights

Known for its affordable and low-cost prices, Flydubai is an airline operating from Terminal 2 at the Dubai International Airport. Despite running independently, the carrier and Emirates are both owned by the Dubai government. The airline is therefore a sister carrier of Emirates.

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Flydubai FAQ

  1. What is the Flydubai Airlines online check-in period?

    Flydubai allows check-in via the Internet between 48 and 75 minutes prior to the flight departure.

  2. What is the maximum amount of free luggage on Flydubai Airlines?

    Passengers may check no more than three bags in economy class as long as the combined weight remains within the 20kg, 30kg or 40kg limitations, depending on the paid luggage allowance. In business class, they are allowed to check a maximum of three articles of luggage with a combined weight limit of 40 kilogrammes.

  3. Does an infant need a different seat on Flydubai Airlines?

    A limit of two infants is allowed per adult when travelling with Flydubai booking, with one infant flying in a certified car seat that is secured to the passenger seat directly in front of them. A separate seat is needed for the car-style seat, and it must be purchased.

  4. Does Flydubai Airlines require online check-in for all flights?

    For a seamless experience with the airline, it is advised to utilise Flydubai online check-in whenever possible. Passengers can also use the check-in counters at airports.

  5. How many overseas locations does Flydubai Airlines serve?

    The airline flies to 120 locations in 52 countries.

  6. What types of in-flight entertainment does Flydubai Airlines provide?

    The entertainment options offered by the airline will keep customers occupied during their travel. They feature a wide range of choices for movies, TV shows, music, and games. On board the Boeing 737-800, passengers can access complimentary flight-based streaming services via their laptop, smartphone, or tablet, while every economy seat in the 737 MAX has its own touchscreen. Business-class passengers have access to the whole entertainment package, which comes with hundreds of films, TV shows, songs, and games, as part of their ticket.

  7. Does Flydubai Airlines permit animals to travel in the cabin?

    Animals are typically not allowed to be checked in or transported in carry-on or checked bags when travelling with the airline. Falcons may be permitted to journey in hand luggage, however, this involves special authorization in advance.

  8. Is alcohol served on board by Flydubai Airlines?

    Wine and beer are available on some itineraries with the airline. For more details on alcoholic beverages allowed for consumption on board, it is useful to consult the route's menu.

  9. What is Flydubai Airlines’ airline code?


  10. What is Flydubai Airlines' policy on carrying alcohol in check-in baggage?

    The amount of alcohol that can be brought on a flight depends on the destination. Before boarding, it is advisable to check with the airline about permissions.