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Saudi Arabian Air Airlines

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Saudi Airlines Flight Booking

Saudia Airlines, sometimes known as Saudia, is one of the largest airlines operating in the Middle East. A DC-3 aeroplane given to King Abdul Aziz by American President Franklin Roosevelt served as the foundation of Saudi Airlines' inaugural flight in 1945. Today, the airline is considered the country's official airline and is an affiliate of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation. The airline, which mixes Arabian culture with hospitable service, is the Middle East's the third- biggest airline and has garnered multiple accolades for its excellent services and facilities.

Jeddah’s King AbdulAziz International Airport serves as its primary operational hub, with operational branches at Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport, Al Madinah Al Munawara’s Prince Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz Airport, Dammam’s King Fahd International Airport, and the Abha Regional Airport. Every three minutes, an aeroplane belonging to the Saudia Airways fleet takes off, demonstrating the airline’s continuous operations. They provide services to greater than 90 cities across the regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

With Saudi Airlines bookings, you can also join the frequent flyer program for the airlines known as Alfursan and get the benefit from a variety of rewards.

Saudi Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

Saudia offers direct flights across 90+ locations in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The airline has strong internal connectivity, linking Saudi Arabia's major cities with major destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. 93 Airbus and 51 Boeing aircraft are currently owned by the airlines. 

Following a thorough analysis of the airline's requirements for various aircraft categories and sizes, in accordance with the airlines' regional, and international flight operations strategies, Saudia continues to invest in cutting-edge aircraft from major manufacturers throughout the world to upgrade its fleet.

Saudia Airlines Awards

The Saudi airline has been recognised as one the greatest in the world, and over the years it has been awarded numerous honours for its flawless conduct and services.

  • 2022 - World Class Airline by APEX 
  • 2022 - Topped Yougov Nationwide Brand Recognition
  • 2022 - Top Sustainability Award For Customer Engagement
  • 2022 - Canadian Publication Pax Magazine’s Award For The Best Children's Amenities
  • 2021 - New SAUDIA Lounge Received World’s First Health And Safety Rating
  • 2021 – Topped Yougov Nationwide Brand Recognition
  • 2021 - World Airline Winner Skytrax Awards
  • 2021 - Five-Star Global Airline By Apex

Saudia Airlines Class of Travel

Customers who book trips with Saudia can choose between 3 classes based on their preferences and price range.

  • Saudia First Suite
  • Business Class
  • Guest Class

Saudia First Suite

Private accommodations and thrilling amenities are available with Saudia Airways’ exclusive Saudia First Suite.

  • Big Seats that are 82" in length.
  • Large 24"x 24.5" table
  • Wifi services
  • 23" HD screens 
  • HD entertainment on board
  • An exclusive chef on board, for an ala carte and fine dining
  • Complementary Pyjamas
  • Designer Amenities

Business Class

With Saudia Airlines, passengers can fly in Business Class if they want prompt service with professional treatment that also respects others' space.

  • Welcome beverage
  • Headrests and adjustable seats
  • Touchscreen Display
  • A completely flatbed seat 
  • 17" HD display monitor
  • HD entertainment on board
  • An exclusive chef on board, for an ala carte and fine dining
  • Designer Amenities
  • Complementary Pyjamas

Guest Class

Saudia Airlines serves customers who want the ultimate in comfort and elegance in the Guest Class.

  • Reclining seats with alignment control
  • Seats with a seating angle of 34"
  • Headrests with cushioned wings
  • An exclusive monitor with a remote
  • An exclusive chef on board, for an ala carte and fine dining
  • Designer Amenities
  • Complementary Pyjamas

Saudia Airlines Baggage Allowance

The carrier allows free baggage allowance, subject to limitations on the number of bags permitted, the size and weight of each piece of luggage, and the category of travel.

For Domestic Flights

Each passenger travelling in the Guest Class is allowed one item weighing no more than 25kg. Each person travelling in the First or Business classes is allowed one piece of luggage weighing no more than 25 kg. Whether travelling in first class, on business, or for entertainment, with a Saudi Airlines booking, an infant is entitled to one free luggage weighing no more than 10 kg.

For International Flights

A person travelling in the Guest Class is allowed to bring two items as long as the combined weight of both items does not exceed 23 kg. Anyone travelling in the First or Business classes has the right to carry two pieces as long as the weight of one of them does not exceed 32 kg. A baby is entitled to a single complimentary piece of luggage weighing no more than 10 kg, regardless of whether they are passengers with Saudia Airlines booking in first class, business, or guest class.

Additional Free Baggage

If a guest has the requisite membership, SAUDIA offers them increased baggage allowances at no further expense.


  • Alfursan Gold Member – 23 kg
  • Alfursan Silver Member - 23 kg
  • Elite - 23 kg
  • Elite Plus - 23 kg


Elite or Elite Plus or Alfursan Silver or Gold membership

  • First Class – 32 kg
  • Business Class – 32 kg
  • Guest Class – 23 kg

Cabin Baggage

Saudi Airlines may permit each traveller to bring free hand luggage along with the free baggage allotment, provided that it is supervised by them and stored in a closed overhead bin or beneath the traveller’s seat.

  • First and Business Class – 1 Handbag or Pull-bag or Garment bag, no more than 12 kg
  • First and Business Class - 1 Briefcase, no more than 9 kg
  • Guest – 1 Handbag or Pull bag, no more than 7kg

Extra Baggage

Various fees and charges are associated with luggage items when the baggage limit is exceeded at Saudi Airlines.

  • Prepaid purchase of extra baggage - SAR 138
  • Extra baggage purchased at the airport - SAR 172.5
  • Baggage weight in the border of the permissible limit - SAR 138
  • Baggage size or weight in excess of the permitted limit - SAR 257.5

You can easily check the airline's baggage policy here.

Saudia Airlines Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

Travellers with validated e-tickets can check in online 48 hours to 60 minutes before their departure. Web check-in is available for select international flights as well as all local flights operated by Saudia. The travellers can get their paper boarding passes at the check-in desks, via their emails, or by receiving their printed boarding passes. The domestic and international airline departure gates shut approximately twenty minutes prior to the takeoff.

Saudi Airlines In-flight Services

Travelling in Saudi Arabia is hassle-free for everyone, even for passengers with special requirements and their companions. The safety of its passengers and crew is the first priority, and the airline uses top-notch standards and processes to guarantee that flights are secure and comfortable.

The Food

The meals provided by Saudia Airlines are known for their variety, excellent preparation, and strict adherence to health and safety requirements, all while considering the purpose of the trip and customer service levels. The airline provides special meals exclusively for First and Business Class travellers in addition to meals made for pilgrims, umrah performers, and travellers in the Hospitality class. When purchasing their flights, guests can select their preferred meals in advance as well as food types that meet their dietary needs, such as vegetarian, low-fat, or diabetic meals, among others.


Under the direction of the logistics department, the airline introduced air sales services on its flights. Due to its excellent customer service, high-quality products, and affordable rates, the service has developed to win multiple international accolades. Passengers can purchase a variety of perfumes, accessories, and ornaments through this service, as well as gifts, toys, and mementoes for enthusiasts of memorabilia at a fair price.


They offer entertainment programmes broadcasted via screens located behind the seating in many of its aircraft, especially on longer flights. The displays can be operated by touching them or using a personal control device, creating the perfect setting for watching a variety of shows and listening to audio and video presentations.

Travellers can watch videos on 24 different broadcast stations. There may be up to 40 channels on some aeroplanes, each with a carefully curated selection of religious programming, Arabic and foreign films, documentaries, and children's shows, all chosen to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Saudi Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme: Alfursan

Alfursan is the name of Saudia Airlines' frequent traveller programme. The Alfursan loyalty club offers free flights, access to lounges, increased allowance for baggage, early check-in and early boarding, personalised luggage labels, and a priority waiting list, among other benefits. Also, available to travellers are a variety of personalised services, alluring incentives, and prizes, as well as a number of pre-selected services including luxury hotels, credit card issuers, and car rental firms.

Saudi Airlines On-board Support

Everyone who travels on Saudia Airlines experiences effortless travel, including passengers with special needs. Wheelchair users can make a booking in advance to request the service. They can also request to receive assistance with check-in and seating. To get support with any medical travel, customers can also get in touch with the airlines. Most Saudi Airlines planes have designated prayer spaces on board for the devout.

About Saudi Airlines Refund & Cancellation

All first-issue revenue tickets from Saudi Airlines are eligible for a refund if they are not used within a year of their issue date. Saudia reserves the right to deny a refund of a ticket after its validity has passed.

Customers who purchased tickets from SAUDIA Sales Offices, Call Centres, or the SAUDIA Website and desire to cancel their order should do so at the same enterprise from where they purchased their ticket, before to avoid being charged a No-Show Penalty Fee.

Bookings for tickets purchased with a credit card should be cancelled and the money reimbursed through the official website. Utilise the Manage Bookings tool on the homepage to find the booking, then click the Cancel and Refund buttons. By filing a fresh request in the website's Refund section, passengers can change their plans or receive full reimbursement for their tickets.

Please refer to the airline's cancellation policy here.

Cleartrip: Runway for Saudi Airlines Flights

Saudi Arabian Airlines is the name of the country of Saudi Arabia's airline. In the beginning, the airline only used the Douglas DC-3s that the US had given them to fly Hajj pilgrims to Jeddah. Subsequently, Saudia began transporting passengers in the utmost comfort and security to a variety of sites throughout the globe.

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Saudi Arabian Air FAQ

  1. What is the Saudi Airlines online check-in period?

    Saudi Arabian flights have a 48-hour check-in window that ends 1 hour before departure.

  2. What is the maximum amount of free luggage on Saudi Airlines?

    When flying First or Business class on Saudi Airlines booking, complimentary baggage is restricted to one item of checked baggage holding no more than 32 kg. Similar limitations pertain to the Guest class. Here a traveller is only allowed to carry a maximum of 32 kg and no single item may weigh more than 23 kg.

  3. Does Saudi Airlines require a child to have a separate seat?

    With the airline, a child under two years old can travel with an infant discount ticket that allows them to travel when placed on an adult's lap. On Saudi flights, there is an additional charge to request and reserve an empty seat for a child. Children ages 2 to 12 will be admitted for travel only if they are accompanied by an adult aged at least fifteen, and ticketed on regular passenger tickets.

  4. Is using web check-in necessary while using Saudi Airlines?

    For reservations with Saudi Airlines, online check-in is not required. Passengers who need wheelchairs, extra seats, support for the blind or deaf, unaccompanied children, pets or stretcher cases are not authorised to check in online; instead, they must do it at the airport.

  5. How many foreign locations does Saudi Airlines serve?

    Saudi Airlines booking takes passengers to over 90 cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North America.

  6. What types of in-flight entertainment do Saudi Airlines provide?

    The 5,000 hours of HD content available for in-flight entertainment on the carrier's flights includes both Western and Eastern films and television shows, as well as a selection of e-books, weather predictions, online shopping, the option to order food, airline details, and an agenda timetable.

  7. Are pets permitted in the cabin on Saudi Airlines?

    With Saudia, your pet may travel with you. As long as there is ventilation, cats and small birds are allowed in the passenger cabin as well as the bulk hold carrying air-conditioned luggage. Saudia flights allow dogs in the aircraft cargo given that the aircraft has a system for ventilation in place.

  8. Is alcohol served onboard Saudi Airlines?

    Alcohol is not supplied on the aircraft because alcohol consumption is forbidden on each of Saudi Airlines' routes.

  9. What is the airline code for Saudi Airlines?

    IATA: SV, ICAO: SVA, Callsign: SAUDIA

  10. What is the Saudi Airlines alcohol carry-on allowance?

    Alcohol cannot be brought on board any Saudia Airways flight, and passengers are not permitted to pack alcohol.